Leather Recliner Sofa Set

Buying used or second-handed furniture has many advantages and benefits e.g.
1. Low cost
2. you become more eco-friendly (Helping our planet and its environment)
3. you directly help your local economy
4. old crafting (quality matter)



Leather recliner sofa set available in Montreal

This cream color faux leather recliner sofa set is purchasable in Montreal QC.
Made of high-quality leather, there aren’t any damages or marks on the sofa all the details are visible in the photos.
We’ve already cleaned and sanitized it once in case if there’s anything dirty.
make sure that you’ve checked all the pictures. the seats are solid and firm.
the sofa comes from a pet and smoke-free house. available in black color.


Same day



For 3 seater recliner:

Length: 220cm

Width: 80cm

Hight: 100cm


For 2 seater recliner:

Length: 160cm

Width: 80cm

Hight: 100cm

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If you buy a second-handed sofa you will save many Trees and also the Earth.

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Benefits of buying used Furniture

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