Starting in 2018, selling used furniture online in Montreal, and continuing to do so in Toronto up until now, our goal is not only to expand our business in more cities around the world, but to do that caringly due to our sympathy for the environment.


Our Story

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Albert Schweitzer

Our Cause

people come to us, trusting that here in epex shop we can give them the best shopping experience with our youthful and energetic team, even though we provide brand new furniture too, we’re passionately working hand in hand spreading awareness and culturalizing secondhand usage since we are all aware of the ecological impact that the homeware segment, and other industries like it, could have on the environment.

We Thank You

epex shop is looking forward to your help and is hopeful that it has done it’s part serving the cause; no matter how little.

We Keep It Cool!

we couldn’t have done it without our cats. in epex-shop everyone is free to bring their pets to the office and lucky for us everyone here is a cat person.
studies have shown that having animals around in the workplace, decreases stress level in an effective way and this way it boosts the employees productivity and that’s what makes our work-life healthier than ever.

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