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Better Buy Used Furniture- A Review On Second Hand Furniture

Why should I buy used furniture?

The eCommerce of used goods and furniture was accelerated in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

Epex-shop has provided you with this article to review different aspects of the homeware industry.

its fair to ask some questions involving the market; Why is it better to buy second hand furniture? Where to buy used furniture from? Is it safe to buy second hand furniture during Covid-19? How did Covid-19 influence the market?

So stay with us to answer some of these questions and more.

Secondhand home goods and furniture spending in the U.S. 2015-2025

In 2020, the use of used furniture in the United States had increased by over 16 percent. Since 2015, the market has grown at about 50% per year. It’s predicted to more than double by 2025, reaching 82 billion, thanks to online and technological advancements, as well as an online marketplace.

Secondhand home goods and furniture spending in the U.S. 2015-2025
Attention: this is a screenshot from statists.

The market’s reaction to Covid-19

Consumer spending on used furniture and household products has risen as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, according to experts.


During the pandemic, consumers paid 32 billion dollars more online for the same goods.

people prefer to buy used sofa online during the coronavirus outbreak

Due to the lockdown, people spent most of their money on home repairs and furniture instead of restaurants and travel.

Social Media

Thanks to the increased social media use during covid, people are becomming more politically and globally aware; as they focused mostly on buying used furniture and other goods online eCommerce accelerated.

Economic Insecurity

Due to the rise in unemployment and economic instability caused by the pandemic, People had to come up with more efficient ways of spending their money.

economic insecurity caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused people to consider to buy used furniture online

Buying second hand products was one of the methods people used to save more money, as it allowed them to save an average of 50% of their money, and sometimes even up to 90%.

Saying all this, a question arises;

Is it safe to buy used furniture with covid-19 still going on?

The answer depends on the furniture store from which you’re shopping; some places that sell used furniture, sanitize their couches and other old homewares before selling; for example, here at Epex-Shop, when we buy used sofas we always wash and sanitize them before selling to the customer.

always make sure that the used furniture you buy is washed and sanitized.
Also, make sure to wash and sanitize your sofas and other stuff even when you sell second hand furniture.

A proud consumer; An aware consumer

As we’ve adopted a more circular perspective, homes are now filled with secondhand furniture and other used homewares. Fast homeware is a term that refers to the stylish, quick, and sometimes seasonal buying of inexpensive furniture and home décor.

People are consciously beginning to take a stand against fast homeware by opting for used furniture and home goods, because of the homeware industry’s impact on the environment. Choosing used furniture and other used items over new ones is now more socially acceptable, evoking more positive sentiments and pride in people.

The secondhand furniture market is becoming more mainstream as people become more aware of its notion, making it more accessible than it was in the past; nowadays, there are many more stores that buy and sell used furniture both online and in person than there were previously.

Why should I buy used furniture?

More than 60% of Epex Shoppers say they prefer used furniture over new, indicating that people are becoming more aware of the impact that the business has on the environment and on people.

It is nature friendly

Buying used sofas and other used homewares is better for the environment, as countless trees are cut each year only to be turned into furniture because the sofas foundation and other furniture is mostly constructed out of wood, so as you can see, the waste is enormous in the making of each item.

Let’s not forget about the textiles used in furniture; according to statistics, the textile business emits more carbon than the aviation and maritime industries combined. Moreover, effluent from textile manufacturing accounts for about 20% of all water pollution. Only about 1% of the materials used in the homeware business are recycled and used to produce brand new furniture.

buying used sofas and other furniture increases the number of owners and extends the life of the item, which has been drastically reduced in the age of fast homeware and consumerism.

It’s affordable

As previously stated in this article, people not only reduced their consumerism to the bare minimum during the pandemic crisis but also afterward, as a result of the economic uncertainty and job losses that it caused, people began considering buying used furniture more than they had in the past, precisely because it was more affordable.

shopping online for used furniture benefits people and saves money

It’s beneficial

A lot of people utilize the internet to make money by hunting for secondhand sofas that people are willing to give away for free or at a very low price and then sell them for a decent price. So, if you have the space and equipment to keep them, it’s not a bad idea to make some extra money.

To Sum Up

All in all social media played a big role in boosting the used furniture market, Due to the limits, creativity was the only response to the dilemma that people were facing -both buyers and sellers- and they both used social media as a tool to fix it.

When faced with endless options_ many of which encourage the purchase of cheap, disposable goods_ the decision to embrace used homewares and other used goods is not always easy, but the rise of online reused marketplaces is providing people with the opportunity to make different choices and do so with pride.

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